One week After…

Dear Students,

Dear Teachers,

Dear Partners!

One week after you left we can still hear your voices, see your faces and almost feel you are still here with us in Lisboa…! We really had two intense weeks together!

I am glad Lisboa is now more a True Place for me – you redefined it with your innovative perspectives about its characteristics, its meaning…

Looking at our IP mission “Finding pedagogical resources within urban places – Building the Education City”, I think we have started a promising work… I have learnt so much with all of you – during the IP the influence of our cultural identity, of the particular circumstances in our personal and academic life was incredibly powerful, almost tangible like the senses you highlighted in your Excellent work! Thus, the IP concrete forces and vulnerabilities were exposed; it is now a concrete, real Project!

Together, separately, individually I really hope this first experience will bring new meaning to each one of us, and also (hopefully…!) to the IP’s next years!

Some of you asked me the meaning of Saudade on our first working days…

Perhaps I can describe it a virtual presence of someone, of a place, a moment, I treasure inside – I can feel its liveliness in me, like a sparkle that makes me vibrate within.

You are now a part of who I am. Thank you…

In the near future I will give you news about Students Final Reports (the results are almost analyze!) and propose some reflective points about our work in Lisboa.


Um abraço e saudades,

Ana Teresa


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