Merry Christmas


Dear Partners,

Dear Friends!

It has been a wonderful experience to share this IP with you!

As we acknowledged in our first application “we have learned at ESEI Maria Ulrich – thanks to our ERASMUS student and teacher mobility experiences – that by working together, on issues that matter to different higher education institutions, we create a discussion and involvement that help re-thinking our training models, and develop new approaches to the teaching and learning field. Having a common interest mobilizes different experiences and expertise that allows us to improve the quality of our action and effectively multiplies the multilateral cooperation based on the concrete exchange of good practices and investigation that each partner can offer to the others”. This was an aim that came true in our IP!

To have an IP in which students and teachers from different European partner institutions can share experience and good pedagogical practices, using situations in their different cities as a ground to understand, search and empower children’s voices in contemporary life, is a key challenge for the purpose of learning to live together, reinforcing social bounds of solidarity, respect and cooperation, in which children have a voice and are listened to.

Since I am moving to England, I sadly have to leave the IP but… I go with great expectations and optimism!

I know all our good team from Portugal, Sweden and Italy, with my colleague Isabel Gerardo (the new coordinator of the IP, from January 2012), will do a fantastic work!

Soon, we will have a new Blog – Finding pedagogical resources within urban places – Building the Education City II – to assure our communication will be effective during the preparation months for the IPs second experience in Boras!

All the Portuguese team wishes you a Merry Christmas and a truly Happy New 2012!

Um abraço com saudades,

Ana Teresa Brito

One Response to “Merry Christmas”
  1. Elena says:

    Thank you, dear colleagues and friends!
    I hope this Christmas will make your heart full of joy, peace, health and whatever makes you feel better and that the New Year may bring you the fulfillment of all your dreams!!!

    And… last but not least…. that Santa Claus may be very generous with you… 😉

    With a warm hug I wish you a **Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year!


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