2. Contribution Documents


Dear all,
thank you for all your documents: I would like to suggest also this one:
Colin Ward, The Child in the City (1978)
There is no digital edition of this book (or maybe I cannot find it), but last October 2010 there was the 5th “Child in the City” conference in Florence and I can send you a ppt of Roger Hart, co-director of the Children’s Environments Research Group, City University of New York:

“A Shared City. The Political and Social Participation of Children”

Also available at: http://conference.europoint.eu/childinthecity/pdf/Hart,%20R..pdf)

In the website http://childinthecity.com/ there are some conclusions of the conference itself.
There was another interesting conference a few weeks ago at the Faculty of Education, University of Cambridge:

“Colin Ward, Education, Childhood and Environment: a multi-disciplinary day conference”
Maybe I can contact them to ask for some papers (there is a file with abstract).

That’s all for the moment!
kind regards.

Elena Pacetti




Dear Teresa and Dear Partners,

I send you an article of Ian Davies of the University of York which has collaborated with us in a Congress organized in 2009 (1st-4th April) in Bologna, regarding the education and european citizenship.

Ian Davies

Education and European Citizenship

The conference was focused on two crucial questions:

– how the different European countries think to build an educational citizenship;
– how it may be involved in training of teachers (history, geography, law, economic, art history…)

I will bring with me the volume edited by colleagues of my Department of History , and other books published by the

“International Center of Metodology for teaching history and heritage” (DiPaSt).


There is also this interesting web site:
with some different articles. I am sure you know the project realised by
Francesco Tonucci “La città dei bambini”- “The citizen child”.




Dear all,
thank you for all documents. I would like to suggest also Children as Participants. There is one chapter about children and young persons in urban planning.
Looking forward to see you on Sunday!
Best regards,








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