Agnese Lamarra

Hi everyone, I’m Agnese, I’m 21 and I study at the University of Bologna, 3rd year of Educator in Early Childhood Services. I live in a town one hour from Bologna, so everyday it takes two hours for me to get there by train and come back. I attended a scientific and technological high school, so switch into a purely humanistic and social faculty has been a huge jump for me, but I really like to study children’s psychology, behaviour and habits, so I think I’ve found my way! I really love children, since I was a kid I’ve used to spent hours with the younger cousins or friends, and even my last training of two months in a pre-school was amazing for me.
I’m actively involved in the local Scout’s group, where I operated for several years, and in particular I spent two years as an educator for the youngest of us, children from 8 to 12 years. Our tasks are to propose group games, role playing, manuals, educational tours and a summer camp. Our activities are based on the Jungle Book story. I spent really wonderful moments with them! In addition, I’ve just completed my path with my peers, where the watchword is precisely Service, and where we often had experience in the social branch, like nursing homes, shelters for the abandoned children, homeless, people with drug problems, and last year we were even in a centre that hosted abused or injured “big” cats (tigers, lions, pumas …). We also used to have walking experiences: for example two years ago we walked a piece of the “Route of Santiago di Compostela”, a truly fascinating experience. Now that I’m no longer part of the older guys (the limit of age is 21) I’m going to become an educator in every way, so who knows where this will take me!
I decided to try to be part of this program because I’m extremely fascinated by different cultures. Also, I’ve never been in Portugal! I was struck by the kind of project we’re going to do, based on the observation of particular areas of the city and the impression that they refer us. In addition, I’m a lover of the creative activities, so the opportunity to develop the project using manual skills excites me a lot.
I like the idea of being divided into heterogeneous groups, the possibility to listen and see what all the others have to offer and get an idea of how children education can be according to different cultures from mine. This would be fundamental for my training, and opportunities like this one don’t come so often.
From this experience I expect above all a personal growth, I live in a small and quite city and I love my simple daily life, so I would like to take a step ahead and open myself to everything that is around me, getting a little more independent and conscious of myself. On the other hand, I hope to be useful to somebody by sharing my experience and culture. Further more, since I’m in the end of the three years of study, I hope that this project will be helpful in clarifying ideas about my future and what awaits me, because my intentions are to continue my studies and be a pedagogue in a few years.



I’m looking forward to meet you all soon,









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