Alberta Snelli

My name is Alberta and I am 32 years old. I live in Rimini, a small city near the sea, very nice for its quaint old town, for the beach and for its sweets countryside.
After have done a lot of several works, I decided to begin a social and cultural educator and this choice give me a lot of satisfaction, it’s really what I want to do in my life…

Since when I was twenty years old I started a  path of personal growth, so I went in Oland for one month in a University of humanistic psychology, then I studied psychodrama, biodanza, bio-energetic and I  have attended numerous courses and workshops about emotional awareness and body–work .

For seven years I was President of an Association that promote “alternative techniques” like yoga, meditation, dance-therapy, theatre- therapy, contact improvisation etc..

This year I became a “doctor clown”, and now I go one time a week to hospital to take care of children and their families.

Since 2003 I run a farm, a wonderful country-house with b&b rooms, and every summer I use to give hospitality  to disabled  people and for me it’s a beautiful experience.

Also I work as an hostess during the events and I do some extra-work in a bar… I do wonderful capuccini!!

I have three beautiful cats and one big dog, I love to take care of my garden, walking with my dog, sharing and having fun with my friends, listening to good music, dancing and meditating.
I am a girl full of interests, eclectic and creative. I’m very happy to share with all of you this beautiful opportunity!


What comes your mind concerning the IP theme?
What comes my mind concerning the IP theme is to take  a time for discovering and knowing the city and finding the sources – and the limits/ barriers – in the way to return it to children like an educational space. As  educator, knowing the context in which children grow up and how we have to move for observing and feeling it is very important.


What does it mean to you?

It’s a  great opportunity to grow  up humanly e professionally, discovering new realities, new relationships,  new urban and social contexts, working in a group, sharing and comparing  my experience with other guys and teachers from other countries, each with their own personal background.


How would you like to contribute to the IP?

I would like to contribute to the IP with my creativity and my sensibility.
I like to take photos and I am good in working at pc, I am very sensitive about  environmental issues.
I face new situations with a great enthusiasm and I  could involve the whole group.


What would you expect to learn from it?
I would expect to learn more about how rediscovering a city with new  eyes, the eyes who see  an educational city for children .  I expect to gain more knowledge about working in an group, to empower my own ability of observation, to integrate news methodologies, to  improve my english too.
Thank you and see you soon!!!





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