Claudia Castellucci

My name’s Claudia, but everyone calls me “Klod”.
I’m 21 years old and I live in Forlì, not far from Bologna, with my family which is composed by my parents and my little sister Michela.
At the moment my life is very busy: I attend the 3rd year of Scienze della Formazione Primaria at the University of Bologna and I work as a baby-sitter, a personal teacher and a promoter.
I love my life and my job and in my spare time I always go out with my friends, which I consider something like a second family: they’re very important to me.


I really can’t wait for that experience to begin! I’m very open minded and I love to know new cultures and people from all over the world because I think that everything different can make me a better person!
Moreover, at the moment I don’t feel so “Italian” as I really am… you know, for my Country is not a good historical and political moment, and most people seems to not see it or don’t know what to do. Well, I see it and I really need to take a breath from that situation. In particular, I need to be in a place where children and instruction are considered with the importance they deserve and this project seems to be exactly this.
I really hope that’ll be a great opportunity to improve my knowledge, enrich my professionality and know other cultures and ways of teaching. I really think that using real places out of the classroom to take lessons is a very good way of teaching.


As I said in the motivation to be choosen for this IP, I think that one of the most important problems of the traditional Italian school system is that children are asked to use only their mind without considering that a person is not only a mind, but first of all is a body within a mind. The traditional Italian school system wants always children to be quiet and not to move because it bases on the belief that if someone is moving, he is not focused. I firmly believe that our body is the most important thing that we have and it deserves much more attention, especially in education. Our body is the reason why we can “Be” and not just “Be”, but we can Be “here and “now”. Without it, places and time are meaningless. Nevertheless is also thanks to it that we can smell, taste, touch, see…well, experience the world! Thank to it we can figure our emotions and feelings out. Our body is a fantastic machine which allow us to communicate even if we are not speaking. Therefore I really think that a project like this one could give me a great chance to improve my skills in teaching.


About what I’m going to do to contribute to the IP, I can say that I will share my ideas, opinions and experiences with the others, like they’ll do with me, I suppose! I’m sure that I’ll learn different points of view, ways of teaching and thinking.







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