Cristina Renzi


Hi!!! My name is Cristina and I’m 20 years old. I’m on the 2nd year of Science of Primary Education at Alma Mater Studiorum University (Unibo) in Bologna.
I live in Savignano sul Rubicone, a little, nice city near Rimini, and 1hour and half far from Bologna.
I’m catholic Christian, catechist and educator with children from 8 to 11 years old, with Azione Cattolica (Catholic Action), an Italian catholic association.
I live with my funny family, Mum, Dad, my little sister and our cat.
I think that music is really a beautiful language, it’s my main way of expression. =)
I play the guitar and the piano, especially with children, and I sing in two bands, that make shows for them and for adult people also.
I believe that the key of life is to share each other, and also to help one other, because every one is an important resource to the others.
My hobbies are: to create, to draw and go out with friends.


What I think about the programme? What I feel about it?

I’m really motivated to take part at this Erasmus Programme because I’m not looking for an easy travel abroad, but I’d like living an important experience of real multinational meeting, and I hope and believe that this is the right chance.
Like students, future pedagogists or teachers, but also like simple human being, I think we always primarily must be able to find the resources in our place, in our country, in our city, in our life, in ourselves. But in my opinion, every place, every country, every pedagogical system have its troubles besides its resources, and in front of this difficulties we mustn’t run away to flee abroad.
We have to confront different systems, different styles of life, because in comparison there’s the great resource to produce real positive changes!!

What do you expect to learn from it?

I really believe in this proposal to international meeting, particularly in this period of real problems in the Italian school system, and in our concrete Italian change necessity.
The programme will be for me an incentive to act for the best in my place.
I also consider that the confront between differences, human treasure differences , must be real as well as in the same place between people from the same country.
So I’d like to being a good mediator in my reality, especially with children, helping people to express themselves by different languages like a good inclusive teaching methodology.
I’d like to know Lisboa also, and to know new ways of thinking.


How would you like to contribute to the IP?

I’d like to be myself in this experience, ready to bring me forward.





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