Debora Di Siena

Good morning, my adventure mates!
I’m Debora Di Siena! I’m 23 years old and I live in Palazzolo sull’Oglio (a little town close to Brescia), but I study in Bologna. I’m attending the Education Course. I’m going to be a kindergarten teacher.  I love this job because I think that kindergarten is a special world that adults don’t know since they are often busy working. They do so many serious things that they have forgotten the value of playing, dreaming and smiling…I think that my future job is “the secret of growing up without letting the child who is in me grow up”.
Moreover, sometimes I work in a restaurant as a waiter to help my studies, and I also spend much time babysitting my nieces, two wonderful 4 years old girls (they are twins). I love them! I also work in playgrounds with 3,4 and 5 years old children every July.
In my free time I like joking, doing riddles, cooking (eating as well!!!), playing volleyball, snowboarding, reading books about psychology and philosophy, traveling (especially by train!!!) and I would like to learn to play the guitar!


About IP theme…

I think the program is very original!  I’m really interested in the course: I have always considered children like attentive subjects and acute observers, capable of seeing life not only with their eyes but with their whole body. They have the sensibility to capture little things which are usually hidden to adult people.
These faculties need to be guided by a competent adult able to understand and give sense to their observations. They need someone to help them convert their thoughts in creations and expressions in order to become protagonists and builders of their educational project. This way the teacher has the big privilege and responsibility of contributing to children’s development, therefore of making a better society.
I think that educating children to know how to take care of their own history, of their own roots and of their culture is very important, because this way they are allowed to assume the responsibility of their own educational project as an authentic life’s project.
I like the organization of the course very much: I think that working in a group is a big resource because it could be a moment of dialogue, meeting, exchange and reciprocal enrichment.


How would you like to contribute to the IP?

I think that I can take part to the activities of the course with all my enthusiasm! I would love to carry my ideas forward. Furthermore, I am interested in meeting other people’s ideas and in reasoning about these in order to share common thoughts.

What do you expect to learn from it?

I hope to meet many people, their culture and their pedagogic ideas. I hope to discover new ways to “make school”…other ways said, new ways of “living”!





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