Elena Turrini

Hi! My name is Elena, I’m 25 years old and I’ve always lived in a little town near Bologna, even if I’ve travelled a lot.
I’m attending the 3rd year of the degree’s course for primary teachers at “Alma Mater” University of Bologna. Before this course of studying, I graduated in “Italian literature and modern philology”.
Besides studying, I also do babysitting and give private lessons of Latin, Italian, History and Maths. I enjoy these activities very much because they give me the opportunity of staying with children and young people teaching and conveying contents and values.
I do also voluntary activities in my town with two associations of young people, whose aims are transmitting historical memory and a strong culture of legality, against all different forms of “mafia”, and organizing social and cultural events and initiatives in our town, but not only.
My social engagement is a basic part of my life, because I think that we have to play an active role in this world if we really want to change it!


1- What comes to your mind concerning the IP theme? What does it mean to you?

As soon as I read about this intensive programme, I found it very interesting and exciting because it gives us the possibility of examining closely some innovative themes, like exploring the link between children and urban areas.
I also think that it will be very effective and useful for us because, in order to create a serious and deep connection between children and the cities where they’re going to live in, it’s necessary to form teachers. We, future and present teachers, obviously play a decisive role in the pupils’ process of consciousness because we have to give children instruments in order to understand different opportunities offered by urban spaces. Only if children begin to observe urban spaces really with “new eyes” (full of curiosity and versatility), they can one day become “complete” citizens , able to realize their suggestions for the city.
For these reasons I think that, with this practical experience in Lisbon, we will learn how to know deeply, analyse and describe an environment and gain educational instruments that can convey to children all our experiences, feelings and thoughts.

2- How would you like to contribute to the IP?

I would like to contribute with my point of view and background of experiences collected during my studies and practical activities. I’m sure that sharing our different opinions and proposals will give us the best enrichment because we have to learn a lot from each others and from our different perspectives.
I’m strongly motivated also because I’m very curious and well-disposed when I face new cultures, learning and experiences, especially when they are so useful for teaching, because children are really able to absorb all the interesting cultural inputs that a good teacher can transmit them.


3- What do you expect to learn from it?

I would like to get cultural and pedagogical instruments that can help me teaching children how to live “completely” in an urban area and recognize useful resources in the environment where they are going to spend their lives.
I hope also to increase my specific knowledges in order to be able to consider spaces in a new way, with “children’s eyes”, and learn how to put in practice the theory I study.
Others positive aspects of that course may be improving my English, meeting new people and spending a little time in an unknown city!


4- Please state your doubt and questions

By now I haven’t got any questions and doubts; I will state them during the development of the course.






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