Irene Banci

My name is Irene Banci, I’m 30 years old (but I feel like a little girl ..:) and I live in Rimini, a small city on the Adriatic Coast, I like it because there is the sea and beautiful hills too. I love going to play beach volley on the beach in summer and to ride a bike or go trekking in Rimini’s hinterland .

I started studying  Social and Cultural Educator just last year. I’ve worked as a graphic designer before.
I understood that the best choice for me was to be an Educator when I worked as Au Pair in Dublin. It was a very good experience for me !
However, I didn’t change immediately my job because I was worried about the fact I was too much old to start a new profession.
Now I know I was wrong because I like this job a lot so the enthusiasm that I feel and my maturity make me learn quickly, my life changed and I feel better !

I like many art expressions which are people’s tools to continue developing good relations and to grow their hopes in life.
Indeed I did a lot of courses .. courses of ceramic, mosaic, painting, dance, and illustration for children ..

Now I’m playing Capoeira , I’m attending the course “Free your Clown” and many seminary useful for my job !

I usually go to listen to live music (I like almost kind of folk music) and to dance dance still when I’m exhausted!
I’ve a lot of friends but I love meeting new people and learning from their smile and their opinion; I often think that I weren’t the person I am if I wouldn’t have met the people I met.


What comes to your mind concerning the IP theme?

In my opinion this IP could give me the possibility to learn new strategies to share original projects with children and make them express themselves.

What does it mean to you?

I believe different art expressions are the tools for empowering children’s voices and I hope to become able to manage all these complementary instruments, joining art and technology to describe the world.



How would you like to contribute to the IP?

I’m working with young and disable people, I’m a Street Educator, too so I hope all that could be my contribute to this IP.

Knowing our own territory and culture is an essential way to know ourselves, because it is important not only to live in our community , but also to learn how to appreciate others and other cultures.


What would you expect to learn from it?

I aim to intensify the capacity of observation and listening so that adults could be mediators with children helping them to get the same ability.

I’d find it very useful to share different points of view with educators from other
countries so as to develop and achieve the ability to see, feel and describe the city and its space.
Finally I hope to learn how the Portuguese and Swedish educators and teachers work.

State you doubts and questions.

I didn’t understand if we have to take with us our tools: colours, computer, camera …






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