Maria Stella Bonaveri

Hi, my name is Maria Stella and I’m 29 years old. I live in Minerbio, a small town in the Bologna’s countryside, about 25 Km from the city.
I’m a cheerful and positive person, I love music and reading. I like taking photo: I’m very attentive to details and I like the portraits, I like to catch the looks and the smiles of people, children.
I’m very sociable and I love travelling. I like meeting new cultures and traditions and I think it is important put myself in this different reality for fully understand and learn it.
I like sports, for many years I studied ballet and now I practice fencing, foil. I really enjoy practicing yoga, I also got a certificate to teach yoga to children. Finally, I’m waiting for good weather for doing long bike rides!
I’m a patient and precise person and I had different experiences of volunteering with children and adolescents. I would also like to do experience of International volunteering.
I work for almost 4 years with autistic children. Before working with the children I worked for many years as a lighting designer, this work has given me a strong ability to work in teams, good organization and observation skills.
I’m attending the Faculty of Education at the University of Bologna and I’m majoring in “Infant and Nursery School Teacher”.

What comes to your mind concerning the IP theme?
The prospect of considering the city where you live as a learning and teaching resource is an important contribution to the training of those who soon joined the educational development of children.
Moreover, the International working context well adapts it self to a job that will have to form the European citizen who will live in a multicultural environment from the early childhood.

What does it mean to you?
I am very grateful to have the opportunity to participate to this IP since I think that this experience represents a great opportunity for my personal training, since I will have the possibility to see some best practices, to confront myself and work with educators from different educational traditions.
I consider this experience fundamental to approach the children to an active observation, adopting it ourselves in first-person thank to this opportunity.
I am also looking forward to know Lisbon and I’m glad to do that by sharing experiences and observations with the critical eye of educators from different cultures.


How would you like to contribute to the IP?
I believe that bringing the experience and training of my country, Italy, in the field of early childhood education, and learn how to listen to the training of the other participating countries, could be a good starting point for an effective and constructive exchange of culture in education.
I also hope that my experience and my personal culture may be of contribution to this project. I think that each of us can contribute to the academic career of the other, enriching their own through the exchange of ideas, dialogue and confrontation with different organizations.
My previous experience as a lighting designer also has given me a strong attention to environment, especially for public places. I am now happy to be able to make available this experience with you, apparently away from education in childhood, but in fact closely linked to it.
My strong interest in photography I will also lead to a careful observation of the city to be able to identify any potential force to transform it into an educational resource.

What do you expect to learn from it?
I think I can learn different teaching methods to which I belong, and to encounter different cultures, languages and ways of relating in the group.
I also believe that there will be interesting moments of confrontation that will contribute to a constructive personal growth that will help us in our future path next to the children.
We will learn to get to know the city and I think we will learn a new way to observe and explore the city.






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