Marta Salinaro

Hi to everyone! My name is Marta, I am 26 and I live near Bologna with my parents, my sister and my brother. I also have two dogs and four cats… we love animals!
This is my third year at University of Bologna at Faculty of Education, degree course in infant and nursery school teacher.
I lived in Florence for three years with other girls and I studied psychology.
I love animals, socializing and travelling. I adore arts, music and cooking for friends, I am also very interested in foreign cultures.
I’m really excited to taking part of this program! This IP represents to me the possibility to take part in an interesting and unique pedagogical program. The union of creativity, practice and theory associated at this multicultural group permit us to use our knowledge and fantasy to do something new.

My idea concerning this IP is to find innovative and creative resources to develop a project that could fit the idea of an educational city.
To work directly and actively in a city like Lisbon will offer us a lot of ideas to open up our creativity and build interesting and brand new projects.
I’m expecting to work in a multicultural group where personal experiences and knowledges could enrich our work.
To understand how everyone of us works in his own country, with and for the children, will let us create a network of knowledges that will be useful in our IP and in the future too.

This experience means to me to have the opportunity of being part of a unique and involving occasion to realize a project thanks to my study area collaborating with other people. Capturing the emotions of places, arts, architectures, people and nature will make this work even more exciting.
I hope to learn a lot from this experience so that I could apply in the future what I’ve learned from this work.
I would like to contribute to this IP with my ideas and my creativity linking them with the others’ so that we can create something unique. Through the exchange of our points of view we will have the opportunity to discover each other culture and different pedagogical approaches to the profession of infant and nursery school teacher .
From this IP I’m expecting to learn educational methodologies different from the ones usually adopted in Italy and compare my studying experiences with the practice that I obtained thanks to a training I did for the university and a long working collaboration at a private nursery school.
I find it important to have the possibility to experiment innovative models concentrating on creativity and on the opportunity to use the space and the city as a “resource” and not as an obstacle for children.





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