Chiara Gregoris

Hello to all! My name is Chiara, I am 24 years old and I’ m a student of University of Bologna, I’m at the second year of Master Planning and Management of Educational Intervention in Social discomfort. Now I’m doing the Erasmus in Lisbon, I’m in Portugal since January and I really love it! I’m very happy that other students will have the opportunity to discover this beautiful city! So, welcome to everybody!
I’m very interested about this program because I think that it’s very important to have also one part of practical work, and we have also the opportunity to confront ourselves and our learning University methods:  I’m sure that only with the diversity and our differences we are going to create a project that can be complete and significative for our personal and professional way.
I hope that with our personal experiences and our abilities will exit a good partnership, I think that it’s very important that we all try to do our work using our knowledge like instruments for the work we are going to do. For example I like to take photos, so I’m sure that this passion can be useful for my working group.
I would like to get pedagogical and also cultural instruments different from the ones I already have, and I’m happy that this cultural and didactical project has also this objective.





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