Natacha Fonseca

Hello!! My name is Natacha! I am 21 years old and I live in Almada (across the Tejo River). I am in 3 rd degree in Maria Ulrich’s College and I am a babysitter of two children. Their names are Francisco (3 years) and Madalena (1 year)!
I like so much to enjoy the beach on summer, travel around the countries, to go to the cinema with my boyfriend, listening music, reading a good book and sleep (very much)!
Last year I participated in Erasmus Program in Sweden, for three months. I loved that experience so I wanted (and I think it is important!) to welcome students and teachers from different countries.
I really hope that this IP will let me know different cultures, persons and ways to think, because as a pre-school teacher it is very important to know other ways of life.
I hope to contribute with my energy and knowledge. I expect to learn a new way to look at my city, use them more and share experience.


So… I see you later!!


Natacha Fonseca





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