Sara Fernandes


Hello!  My name is Sara and I’m 21 years old. I live in Cascais, a great place with beaches! I love spending time with my friends chatting, but now I have a special distraction, which is my new baby cousin who just turned 3 months.
I’m currently in the 2nd year of Maria Ulrich’s college and just finished an internship in a kindergarten. This was a fantastic experience, which left me much more motivated with my course.
This program represents a great challenge for me, and a new experience, which will make me grow as a person. I think it’s a fantastic way of learning different cultures, lifestyles and different ways of thinking, as well as meeting new people and sharing ideas and experiences.
This way, I hope to gain a different vision of our city, because although I live so close to Lisbon, I lack the habit of wandering around there. With this opportunity I will be able to know the city better and identify myself with it in different ways.









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