Ann-Sofie Fors

My name is Ann-Sofie Fors, and I am 38 years of age. I live in Förlanda, Sweden, with my family, a husband and four children. I live in the countryside, which makes it possible for us to have our beloved cats, dogs and horses. I enjoy living close to the nature, with its forests, valleys and lakes. I am a positive and social person and I´m curious of new cultures and enjoy meeting all kinds of people, because it enriches my life.

In my free time I’m working at “Afrikahuset”, and this work is contributing Mama Zebra Memorial Fund in Kenya, which runs a school and a health care center for the massaii people. I enjoy spending time with my family. I like to sing, play and listen to music. Other activities I enjoy is hiking and photography.

I am studying to become a Preschool-teacher, at the University of Borås. Currently I am studying at my sixth semester, out of seven. The last semester I studied Visualized Arts, as my chosen specialization. In this term we have used the city as a classroom, from different perspectives. Everything around us can be used in the curriculum at schools. Architecture, arts found in museums and galleries can inspire into creative activities. In different workshops we have given possibilities to work in practice with several kinds of materials and techniques.

In meeting new cultures and new persons I´m enabled to share experiences and knowledge with others. This, I believe, gives me new perspectives that I can use broadly in my future profession. By visiting Lisbon I can relate the theories with practice, and this makes it possible to deepen my knowledge.

This trip is a possibility for me to get new experiences and take part of other student´s ways of thinking, within their cultural frames. Since each and every one of us are meeting within the theme, our earlier experiences enriches and develop through discussions and comparison of what each and every one of us carry in our “knowledge-backpack” – this contributes to our learning and pedagogical skills.

My contribution can be seen by me making my experiences accessible, due to my studies thus far, but also from the experiences I have gained in my life. I like to be a part of creating a prosperous group, and work towards a positive development. I believe that in positive atmosphere/environment individuals have greater possibilities to develop and learn. My aim is to become a good role-model to the children I´m about to be responsible of. In my future work I want to keep focus on children´s rights, and shape the pedagogical activities so that children´s needs are regarded.



Best regards Ann-Sofie Fors


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