Johanna Andersson

My name is Johanna Andersson and am 26 years old.
I live in Varberg, Sweden and studying to become preschool teacher.
In my free time I like to hang out with my friends, my boyfriend, going to the movies, listening to music, read books and enjoy traveling to different places in the world.

My qualities are that I am open and knowledge-hungry, happy and imaginative. I welcome and are happy to work with new people and learn different cultures of all kinds. My strengths are that I’m patient and good at guiding, which is good for my future profession. Something else I’m good at is creating, spreading joy and laughter.

What comes to your mind concerning the IP theme?  (IP= intensivkurs intensiv program)

My thoughts concerning IP are that I will have the opportunity to develop as a person and in my future profession. My thoughts are to experience different kinds of cultures that come together in one place where we will exchange experience and share experiences. This is a chance to gain new knowledge that I can convert into a tool in the educational activities.
What does it mean to you?

I have read picture specialization for one semester and this semester we have always had the “city as classroom” as a key topic. Throughout the course we have had access to the various visual cultures as museum, design, literature, and a lot of workshops. These workshops have broadened my view of the picture and now I would like to develop more by taking our city as classroom down to Lisbon and take part of their culture.

How would you like to contribute to the IP?

By participating and try to come up with new ideas and approaches to both me and the other participants get a great exchange of each other. My way of helping the group is that through discussion and dialogue to develop ideas and questions about what is important in today’s society. Using the city as a classroom can make children and adults to get a different perspective on the new things that are not detected before. This is something I will learn and later to teach the children and staff.

What do you expect to learn from it?

My expectations of this intensive course are to learn about visual culture and about other people’s viewpoints on how I can work as a future educator. This will affect my professional role in which diversity is important and where I am as a person would be developed to produce a better future for children.

Take care and see you soon.

//Johanna Andersson


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