Linda Karlsson

My name is Linda Karlsson and I´m 25 years old this May. I live in a small town called Falkenberg at the Swedish west coast about 100 km south of Gothenburg. I live with my fiancé Markus and our two year old son Agaton. I just started my sixth semester at the University of Borås. I look forward to work with children to give them a meaningful and joyful learning process in their everyday life. I also look forward to this trip to Lissabon, I´m so glad to have been able to participate in this IP.

What comes to your mind concerning the IP theme? What does it mean to you?

When I first read the theme Finding pedagogical resources within urban places – Building the Education City I thought it sounded very interesting. I think of today´s society where kids grow up and how we as teachers can work with and inside the society. Teachers need to be better at taking advantage of all resources and opportunities around them.

How would you like to contribute to the IP?

I would like to contribute to this IP with my point of view and my back pack filled with experiences from my life and education. We all come into this IP from different backgrounds and from different places in Europe and we have much to learn from each other. That’s an attitude I believe is important in the work with children. We can all learn from each other, both children and adults. I also think I have some previous knowledge of value since I took an arts course the previous semester, and we then worked with a theme called something like “The city as the classroom”.

What do you expect to learn from it?

I expect to get specific knowledge in how to recognize and make use of the resources nearby. I also expect to learn from the other students who take part in this IP.  I´m so excited!


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