Maria Ledinski

My name is Maria Ledinski and I am 25 years old. I was born in Croatia but moved to Sweden in -93. My family lives in Bollebygd which is a small village outside Borås and I have a very close relationship with them. They mean a lot for me. On my sprit time a read a lot and share time with my friends and family. I love to go skinning and to go on a vacation to a warm country because Sweden is so could. I like to play golf and do some exercise.
I would describe me as a warm and loving person. I like to meet new people and exchange life experience.
I always knew that I would work with children and that’s why i went to USA after my high school graduation and worked as an aupair for one year. I loved it in the states and that gave me a lot of experience and i develop myself. After one year I went home to Sweden again and worked for few years. Then I started to study at University of Borås to become a preschool teacher. I have one year to go until i am done with my school.
I love to work with children and to see their development. How they think in different situations.

What comes your mind concerning the IP theme?

I think it’s a great empyreans to see how different we work with children around the word and if it is any difference. To exchange experience with each other to learn and to give.

What does it mean to you?

I think it’s going to mean a lot to me. I have been in the USA for 1 year and worked as an aupair and that gave me a lot of experian’s and new thinking. The same about this IP theme. I think I’m going to learn a lot and get on with my thoughts. To explore the other countries work with children. To see the daily work.

How would u like to contribute to the IP?

I would like to exchange expirations and thoughts with the others in this theme and see how different we think or how alike we think. To get knowing new people.

What would you expect to learn from it?

I would like to learn there lifestyle in how they work with children. How do they do when something happens? Do they involve the parents and how much? How is the environment where the children play? What kind of security do they have?

State you doubts and questions.

What do they think about how we work in Sweden and how they work? Do they involve a lot of music for the children? Do they have playtime that’s free or do they play with instructions?
How many children do they have / adult? How large is the groups?
Do they have any difficulty in the school and how do they work whit it? Do they have the resource that they need?
I think I will get more questions when I get to Portugal.


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