Sari Andersson

My name is Sari Andersson, and I am 42 years of age. I live with my family in Ullared, in the countryside of Southwestern Sweden. My family contains of a husband and three sons. My parents immigrated to Sweden during the late 1960`s, from Finnish Lapland. I think that this background history has been a usable resource throughout my whole life, not least because my cultural and language skills. I like to read and write. Music is an important  part of my life, both listening and singing. I´m a part of the local church choir. I enjoy spending time with my family and friends. I also enjoy bicycling and hiking.
I am studying to become a Preschool-teacher at the University of Borås. As a person I am curious, positive, social, openminded and anxious to know more about all kinds of things that can be usable with children, in the pedagogical work – but also in life in general. Currently I am studying my sixth semester, out of seven in all. The last semester – my specialization semester – I studied Special Needs Education. Concerning the IP-theme I think it would be very enriching to get a glimps, and inspiration, of other ways of working within pedagogy, with the city as a classroom. I believe that it is possible to reach each and every child and guide them on their path of learning, but in order to do this proactively I have to have competens and realize that every child is unique and so is their way of learning.
When I think about how I can contribute in this special matter, first and foremost I am gifted with two cultural backgrounds – the Swedish and the Finnish. They are in many ways similar, but there are differences, not always that obvious for others. I am very much interested in other cultures, but thus far I have gained knowledge through meeting people, discussing and reading about other parts of the world. My approach to life is that everything is possible. I also believe that my experiences through my life can contribute in whatever group I´m a part of.
I hope to meet inspirational people, with different cultural backgrounds and other pedagogical ideas and thoughts. I believe that this trip can enrichen my life in many ways, both personally and intellectually, due to my future role as a teacher. As I see it, my responsibility is to be a spokesperson for children so that their rights are in focus, and to support them on their path to knowledge. I am convinced that children are born with a hundred languages, but on their way through school they tend to loose several of them. Therefor I believe that Arts in all its ways and forms can help children express thoughts, knowledge, experiences and development – in order to keep the hundred languages alive within their personality.
I think that having the opportunity to go to Lisbon is also challenging, since I have never been there before. It gives me a chance to exercise the language skills I have, and get better. I am very much looking forward of meeting the rest of the students and teachers who are going along on this trip.

Best regards Sari Andersson


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