Thomas Arens Fredin

Welcome to my life!

Thomas Arens Fredin here, just your average Swede from the countryside. Most of my life I’ve lived on the countryside at the beautiful west coast of Sweden close to the sea and Gothenburg. I come from a kind of weird family with biological parents and relatives and the ones who raised me. And the whole lot of them, all my sisters and brothers, the bunch of parents, and the extended family and the rest that I’ve forgot to mention, they mean a lot to me, even my great grandparents who are still hanging around, very much alive.
Since I’m from a big family I’m habitual of children and stuff like that. I had plans of going aboard and being an aupair in India or en the Middle East, but then I got the Admission for Borås University.
I’ve always been the one of my siblings who has walked my own ways (read: do the strange stuffs) and never listened when people tell me what I need to do. So, sometimes things turn out surprisingly good, and sometimes not so good! Along the path of my life before I’d began to study to be a teacher, I’ve studied design, ceramics or pottery if you want to say that, and I also ended up with a degree in glassblowing. When I’m not studying, I’m the Chairman of the Borås University’s International Student Committee, which is basically a union for all the foreign students in Borås. So I’m much into the life of the students of course partying and showing them Sweden and a lot of other things. My spare time when not involved with the ISC I spend with friends, and as much as possible with my family, but they are a bit away, so it’s not as often as I want. I enjoy a good book, a nice computer game and a thrilling episode of some British murder mystery at the TV, or maybe just a nice dinner at a restaurant with friends and watching cinemas and concerts… all who I enjoy a lot! So hopefully this was a good read, and that you learned something about me!

Cheers and Thanks a lot

What comes your mind concerning the IP theme?

I think it’s a great opportunity to learn new things and develop the understanding of different cultures, which we should incorporate into our education and our work in the field. The basics of exchanging ideas and thoughts about how to do things and also comprehend and make an opportunity for learning.

What does it mean to you?

This IP is going to mean a lot to me, since I’ve never been outside Scandinavia before, but rather been taking the cultures and people from other countries to me instead. So this will benefit me in a numerous of ways in everything from enriching my CV to strengthening me as a person and develop my skills in the field of working.

How would u like to contribute to the IP?

For me the exchange of cultures and ideas are the most important, and also enrich the whole thing with my enthusiasm.

What would you expect to learn from it?

The life in Portugal, and the different ways of seeing things we in Sweden take for granted in society. Their ways of working with children and what they’ll do with the parents and stuffs like that.

State you doubts and questions.

This will be filled in later, as it gets closer to the journey!


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