Elena Pacetti

Researcher in Didactic and Special Education at the Faculty of Education, Department of Education, University of Bologna.
She teaches Education and learning technologies in the course study Primary Education Sciences in Bologna and Models of didactic mediation and group strategies in the course study of Social and Cultural Educator in Rimini.
She has been working in several national and international projects:
-SPEP Project -Support to the Palestinian Education Programme in order to train and monitor the MoEHE (Ministry of Education and Higher Education), Palestinian Universities involved, to experiment pedagogical models on the use of ICT in Palestinian schools, to develop tools to monitor and evaluate the experimentation, to create and deliver learning object;
-LLP (Life Long Learning Leonardo da Vinci Programme) HeLPS-Transfer (Helps for High Training and High Schools), a European project to trasfer the results of Project HeLPS in the High University Traning and High Schools through training in the e-learning  field;
-Italian FIRB “L4ALL Learning for all”, a multi-paradigm, multi-channel and multy-technology approach to innovative pedagogy in schools;
-Italian Ministry of Education’s project Cl@ssi 2.0, to experiment the introduction of ICT in the daily didactic of selected classes and change the learning environment;
-LLP COMPARES (Competences Partneriat Resaux), a European project to define and create a European training module related to Partnership and Networking of social workers in Europe.

Research interests:
Didactic innovation and ICT (Information and Communication Technologies)
Social professions and competences
Socio-constructivistic learning and social networking
Citizenship Education
Media Education

Other interest
Travelling, videogames, music, photography, playing with my children, reading …

More information (in Italian and English) here






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