Ana Teresa Brito


My name is Ana Teresa Brito and I am the (fortunate!) coordinator of this IP, dreamt at Maria Ulrich College by a group of enthusiastic teachers. As our application states – “It is a Program in which students and teachers from different European partner institutions are invited to share experience and good pedagogical practices, using situations in their different cities (space, time, resources, barriers…) as a ground to understand, search and empower children’s voices in contemporary life.”
It is an IP that promotes the important sense of belonging – a true component for Inclusion to take place!

I worked from 1986 to 2000 has an Early Childhood and Special Education Educator, precisely to empower the Inclusion of small children with special educational needs and their families in regular schools and communities. This was the period in my life when I learnt the most about families and children’s (outstanding!) strengths, and the power of celebrating diversity.

In the last ten years (2001 – 2011) I have been teaching at ESEI Maria Ulrich (the College where I did my first training to become an Early Childhood Educator!), in the Initial and Post-graduate training of Educators, namely about subjects concerning the Inclusion of Children with Special Educational Needs in regular settings.
Teaching at Maria Ulrich College asks for a permanent research and reflective attitude and also for a commitment in order to meet – with enthusiasm and openness – the different and complex needs of the students.

In 2009, I concluded a Doctoral degree (PhD) in Children’s Studies – Special Education, at the University of Minho, which gave me an extra strength to keep on working in the area.

I now coordinate a Master in Early Intervention and teach in the Inclusion domain in all other courses. I also teach Educational Investigation to Master Students.

In my most recent research, I am now investigating Professional Development in Early Intervention – I am interested in training professionals within Brazelton’s Touchpoints Model, underlining the importance of bringing together professionals, families and communities in a partnership that can support and activate a quality Inclusion process for all children and families.


Some personal details…

I am 44 years old. I´m married for 22 years and I have a son (20 years old) studding Architecture in Porto, and a daughter (18 years old), ending high school in Arts.
They make my heart sing…
We also have a Labrador dog – Rodolfo – a great family friend for 10 years now!
We live in Cascais, a wonderful town near Lisboa.

I love music – listening and singing! It gives a special meaning to my life…
I also love reading, walking long walks near the sea and being with family and friends.

Last, but not least, I love teaching and my students with whom I learn so much… they make me want to always be a better person and professional!

I´m looking forward to meet all of you in Lisboa, in the beginning of April!





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