Helena Quintela


My name is Helena Quintela.

I was born in Lisbon, where I have always lived.
With a background training of Childhood Educator, concludes degree in Educational Research. I then undertook five years of study in Artistic Design at Ar.Co school of Arts and Communication. Later I completed a Masters degree in Theories of Art with a thesis entitled “The magazine Lusito and the Estado Novo regime.”
I work at ESEI Maria Ulrich and have been there for over forty years!
As a teacher of Artistic Expression, the research topics that have driven the last years of my tenure have been the “body / expressive competence” relationships. My activities have also been directed to the study of the motivational strategies that drive children’s interaction with artwork.



I practice pottery, an undertaking I consider indispensable to my inner growth and the structure of my creative identity.
I could not be an educator in this area, if I did not have the opportunity to experiment, make my own discoveries and my own creations.
My pleasure in this activity is expressed through the feeling of “always remain a beginner”, which is truly delicious, and greatly contributes to the rapport I build with my students.



My truly free moments are experienced with family, especially with this two year old named Joaquim, that is a “treat”!
I owe him a debt of gratitude for continuing to teach me that every day we grow “here and now”. Thanks Kiki!


My space

My space is Lisbon… it is beautiful! But even now I know her so little! I truly count on your “views” to help me belong even more to my city!





One Response to “Helena Quintela”
  1. Margarida says:

    Querida mãezinha,
    Gostei muito de ver esta página e que tem a capacidade de aprender mais e mais. Eu aprendi tudo o que sei de melhor consigo. 🙂

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